We take the health and safety of our staff and our guests seriously and when you dine with us, we will do all we can to ensure you feel safe while having an enjoyable experience.

We see this as a shared responsibility.

We ask YOU to do the following:

- Cancel your reservation if you, or any of your guests,

are showing any symptoms

- Do not enter the restaurant if you, or any of your guests,

are showing any symptoms 

- Always wear a face mask when moving around in the restaurant.

You may take it off while seated at your designated table.

- Provide contact information so that contact tracing is possible

in the event of an outbreak

- Wash your hands and use hand sanitiser thoroughly upon arrival

- Keep a reasonable distance (recommended 1m) from other guests

who are not on your table, and from staff

- Inform us if there is anything particular we can do to make

you feel safe and comfortable

WE have done the following:

- Tables have been removed to create ample space - at least 1m space between tables, and at least 2 sqm per person

- Hand sanitiser/phone sanitiser available on every table 

- QR code menu/disposable menu

- Our tables are set so that your cutlery is carefully covered

- Tables are cleaned, and disinfected between use

- Contactless payments encouraged 

- Bathrooms which are cleaned frequently throughout the night

We work like this:

- We wash our hands religiously and we use disposable gloves

for certain tasks (rather than generally)

- We sanitise door handles, surfaces and highly trafficked areas 

several times throughout the day

- We uphold the highest cleanliness and hygiene standards in the kitchen

- Our suppliers do contactless delivery and do not enter the kitchen 

- We work on different work stations with as much distance as possible

- We are committed to following all the relevant recommended guidelines


If you wish for more information about our procedures regarding covid-19 or have any comments or special requests, you can email us